Desert Negroni

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  • 🍸 Handmade cocktails, bottled in Myatt's Fields
  • 🍹 A blend of Rye Whiskey, Vermouth, and bitters
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A blend of tequila, sweet vermouth, and Campari. Bottled and aged for at least six weeks.

Allergen: sulphur dioxide and sulphites
Vegan: No

Straight from the wilds of Joshua Tree, where they don't drink gin I'm told (there is a story about this for another time) comes the Desert Negroni.

The Desert Negroni is lighter but a lot smokier than our classic gin Negroni. It's a genuine twist that deserves its place on our permanent menu. 

Pour over ice in a rocks glass and stir until freezing. Keep the ice, this is the desert. Add a slice of lime.

We started Myatt’s Fields Cocktails to try and capture everything we felt in a drink. We are not a factory. We make every drink, bottle it, and transport it to you for you to enjoy with your friends, although, cocktails are also fantastic on your own, when the time is right. You can’t capture a whole lifetime in a single drink, but we’ve done our best. Welcome in. Myatt's Fields Cocktails is a premium bottled cocktail company from Brixton that we set up in 2017 after our wedding. As we have written about at length everywhere, we share a deep love in the craft of fine cocktail making, and have built this company to share that love with you.
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