Farey’s Smoker Hot Sauce

Peckham Smoker


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  • 🌶 Smokey hot sauce, fermented in South London
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A fermented, aged and oak-smoked hot pepper sauce.

We ferment Scotch bonnets with Maldon Sea Salt, then churn the chilli mash with Aspall's Cyder Vinegar and our oak-smoked jalapeños - we call them 'Peckotles'.

The process takes more than three months, from chilli to bottle. But it is worth the wait.

Use our sauce as a seasoning. Take it to work. Dash on anything in need of life. Cheese, fish, shellfish, burgers, eggs, steak, pasta or a well-earned Bloody Mary.

No artificial stabilisers or preservatives: a low pH stops the sauce from spoiling. Just be sure to keep it in the fridge after opening.

Ingredients: Scotch bonnets, UK oak-smoked jalapeños, Aspall cyder vinegar and Maldon sea salt.

Nothing artificial

  • No colourings
  • No preservatives
  • No flavourings
  • Suitable for vegans