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  • 🇮🇹 Home-cooked Italian food to heat up at home.
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A delicious Italian meal, in a reusable glass jar, to heat up at home in the microwave (or conventional oven).

Thursday 16th December Menu

  • Risotto with Endive and Truffle Oil

Click the next tab for ingredients (including allergens) and heating instructions.

Thursday 6th January Menu

  • Courgettes Parmigiana

We'll list new menus at 2 pm each Tuesday.

Future weeks

We rotate through a wide selection of dishes, from Greek Moussaka, to our Great Taste Award-winning Gnocchi with Drunk Ragù, to Risotto with Roasted Endive & Truffle Oil.

Top-quality ingredients, including handmade pasta and gnocchi, go into each of our meals, which come in reusable jars, to heat up at home.