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Our artisan pasta is semolina pasta made with stone ground durum wheat grown in Sardinia and Italy. Our producers purpose is to make pasta using the best material with old techniques. After milling, the semolina flour is kneaded with cold water and drawn through bronze dies. This gives the pasta a deep porosity that allows it to absorb sauces and maintain its integrity without breaking. The drying process takes about 36 hours at low temperature. This obviously requires a longer making process but it guarantees a final product of premium quality.

Malloreddus are traditional Sardinian gnocchi with an elongated, elegant conch shape that is ridged on the outside to catch sauce. The traditional recipe is Malloreddus alla Campidanese. The gnocchi are served with a sausage, tomato and saffron sauce and grated Pecorino cheese. It's typical of the central and southern areas of the island.

Contains gluten.

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