Holy Smokes Cashew Cream Cheese

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HOLY SMOKE fermented cashew cream cheese. The addition of smoked chipotle chillies and fresh smoked garlic, gives a rich and savoury mouth feel.

Soaked and smoked organic cashews combine with filtered water and Cornish sea salt, then ferment with live cultures. Delicious as a spread and a great alternative option for people on a dairy-free or plant-based diet. Also suitable for those looking to cut down on saturated fat.

This spread will bring a smokey, spicy flavour to your lunch. An excellent base for plant-based sandwiches or use as the perfect topping for toast or bagels.

Ingredients: organic soaked smoked raw cashews, filtered water, smoked chilli, live cultures, organic miso, Sea salt, organic garlic, lemon and spices.

Allergen: cashews, miso.

Package Weight: 140g

Shelf life: Four weeks in the refrigerator, two months in the freezer.