COVID-19 Prevention Policy

1. Supplier Collections

1.1 Risk Assessment

1.2 Collections

  • Subship to provide an electronic invoice of products to be collected, to reduce the need for paperwork
  • Supplier to advise if other collection/ delivery suppliers to be on site within the collection time slot agreed with Subship so collection driver can be mindful of maintaining social distancing whilst outside of the vehicle.
  • Subship driver to phone when on Supplierโ€™s site to advise collection can commence. This will minimise the need for the driver to have contact with surfaces (doorbell, intercom, door handles, etc.).
  • Supplier to pack all products with clean/gloved hands into clean container and place outside (weather permitting), maintaining 2-metre distance, for Subship driver to repack, to save cross-contamination. In case of weather issues, supplier to remain 2 metres away from Subship driver when on site
  • Subship to provide a receipt of collection electronically to remove the need for paperwork

2. Order Consolidation

2.1 Premises

  • Premises to be cleaned regularly
  • All collections to come from suppliers to avoid the need for suppliers to visit Subshipโ€™s site
  • Subship can share their COVID-19 Workplace risk assessment on request

2.2 Consolidation process

  • All equipment to be cleaned regularly before and after the consolidation process
  • Staff to wash or sanitise hands before and after consolidating and between separate suppliers products
  • Should more than one staff be consolidating, social distancing and good ventilation to be practised
  • Any gloves used to be safely disposed of in a non-recyclable waste bin

3. Delivery

3.1 Vehicles

  • Vehicles to be cleaned before and after shift by the driver
  • Vehicles to be well ventilated during shift
  • Only one person per vehicle (where possible)

3.2 Delivery process

  • Drivers to wash or sanitise hands before and after shift, and between each customer delivery
  • Drivers to phone customers when at the address to minimise contact with doorbells, intercoms. If no answer, doorbell to be used.
  • Drivers to facilitate contactless drop-off with the customer.
  • Drivers to only touch order containers, and not individual contents
  • Customers to take order containers into the property at their own risk. Alternatively, they can empty into their own containers on the doorstep