Which grocery deliveries are 100% electric in South London?

Which grocery deliveries are 100% electric in South London?

Tom Szekeres

Maximum Local. Minimum CO2.

So you've switched to electric car, you take public transport or cycle, or perhaps you only drive when leaving London.

But then you realise that your groceries are getting delivered by harmful diesel vans. So what's the alternative?

And which companies are doing the right thing and offering 100% electric delivery in South London?


100% Electric

It tends to be smaller, more local suppliers that have been able to go electric, often using innovative packing materials that mean no need to use heavy refridgeration units.

  1. Hop Burns & Black - beer, cider, natural wine, and hot sauce. One of our absolute favourite stores, with bases in Peckham and Deptford. And they deliver using the all-electric Flagon Wagon.
  2. 161 Food+Wine - carefully curated wine cases to bring some fun to your door, delivered Weds-Fri.
  3. Subship - well yes… that's us. Food, drink and household goods from over 40 local producers.
  4. Dulwich Pantry - pastries, sausage rolls, quiches, and more. All delivered by electric van.

On their way

  1. Riverford - veg boxes delivered direct from the farm. Riverford have a target of going 100% electric by 2025. Nice work.
  2. Coop - "Co-op plans to replace its entire home delivery fleet of more than 200 diesel vans with electric vehicles by 2025"
  3. Milk & More - have signed the a public pledge to move to zero emission vans in cities by 2028. At least a third of their 1,200-strong fleet is already electrified.

Needs improvement

  1. Abel & Cole - "We're aiming to deliver zero tailpipe emissions by 2028 (if sufficient charging infrastructure and competitively priced electric vans are available)" - unfortunately A&C are still buying brand-new diesel delivery vehicles.
  2. The Modern Milkman - farm-fresh groceries like milk, juice, eggs, butter, bread, fruit and vegetables in plastic free packaging and returnable glass bottles - "when we want move to electric, the flexibility of ARIs proposition means we can transition when it suits us, rather than having to wait for leasing contracts to end".
  3. Ocado - 1,700 delivery vans, most are diesel powered Mercedes Sprinter. Last we checked, only 32 were electric.
  4. Sainsbury's - although they've run some positive experiments, the overwhelming number of their 1,400+ delivery vans are diesel.

Anyone we've missed? Let us know.