Clean Air Day 2022 - Subship. An Ultra Low Emission zone sign in front of a block of flats in South London.

Subship Journal

Air pollution in South London - what can we do?

“This is everybody’s problem and it’s a problem at all times. This is a solvable problem. The real place we need to tackle air pollution is where people live, work, study, play.” – Chris Whitty, February 2022

Something for the weekend? Now delivering hyperlocal groceries every Friday

As more of us return to the office during the week, but still WFH on Friday, it's time to expand our deliveries to the official start to the weekend.

Which grocery deliveries are 100% electric in South London?

So you've switched to electric car, you max out your Oystercard, you cycle, or perhaps you only drive when leaving London. But then you realise that your groceries are getting delivered by harmful diesel vans. So what's the alternative?

20 Years of the Living Wage

The Living Wage movement celebrates 20 years, but where did it all begin?