Rana's Story: The Gluten Free Bakery, Peckham

Rana's Story: The Gluten Free Bakery, Peckham

Tom Szekeres

Rana Roushdi breathed a sigh of relief. She had finally been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease.

Fatigue, bloated stomach, digestion problems, a foggy brain, and irritability, had been part of her daily existence for years. Feeling sluggish and tired was just normal. With the diagnosis, she finally understood what was wrong, and could take action.

Rana set out on a journey to find great-tasting gluten-free replacements for the food she loved. But the one thing she couldn't find was delicious, crusty, gluten-free bread. It was the thing she missed the most.

In 2015, Rana teamed up with friend and fellow foodie Alexander.

Their mission? To create the best gluten-free bakery. Full stop.

Employing traditional fermentation techniques and using ancient grains, their sourdough was packed with nutrients and full of flavour.

They were soon providing a wide selection of artisan gluten-free breads and baking kits, hand-crafted using responsibly-sourced ingredients.

Zero-waste, gluten-free

Keeping waste to a minimum has always been a priority, so everything is baked to order. Sourdough is fermented to order, baked overnight, and delivered directly from the bakery for maximum freshness.

They donate any spare loaves to charities like Peckham Foodcycle to ensure no loaf goes to waste.