Top 10 Subscription Products from South-East London

Top 10 Subscription Products from South-East London

Tom Szekeres

Here at Subship, we love subscriptions. We think they're one of the best ways to put buying more ethically on auto-pilot, or to ensure you get a variety of quality fresh coffee, pasta, wine, or beer delivered to your doorstep each week.

Here we've chosen some of our top subscription products, with quick links to get your regular order set up with ease.

And on that note, it's worth mentioning that we make it really ludicrously easy to cancel or change your subscription - you shouldn't have to jump through hoops to skip, swap, or stop.

Onto the Top 10…

10. Serious Tissues 🧻

100% recycled toilet paper, sourced by Peckham-based Serious Tissues and made in the UK - not shipped from China, like some well-known brands… Delivered unwrapped in a recycled cardboard box. Each roll bought = one tree planted.

→ Get 18 rolls every six weeks

→ Get 36 rolls every eight weeks

→ Explore Serious Tissues



9. Ambra's Kitchen

We love Ambra's home-cooked meals, served in a reusable jar. Each week, get two mains and a desert, with rotating menus.

→ Two-course meal for two veggie subscription (not suitable for vegans or strict vegetarians)

→ Two-course meal for two omnivore subscription (sometimes includes pork)

→ View Ambra's full collection


8. Wine Club from 161 Food+Wine

One of our favourite wine bars, based in Sydenham, 161 offer a curated selection of wine at different price points.

→ Red Wine

→ White Wine

→ Mixed Case (Three Bottles)

→ Find out more about 161 Food+Wine


7. Fresh Pasta Subscription from Pastificio Mansi

A different fresh pasta, delivered each week. After subscribing, we'll follow up to help customise based on your preferences.

→ The full range from Pasta Mansi


6. Good Jam

Get a new jam, marmalade and chutney delivered every fortnight. All organic, made with surplus fruit and vegetables from Good Food, Sydenham.

→ Good Jam, Good Chutney


5. Old Spike Roastery

Freshly roasted coffee, delivered weekly. And for each bag bought, a tree is planted.

→ Learn more about Old Spike



4. Cooper's Bakehouse

Fresh sourdough, baked to order. By far and away our most popular subscription product, but you'll need to add something else to your order to hit the minimum spend.

→ Explore the collection.


3. UpCircle Beauty

By-product beauty: skincare made with leftover natural ingredients. And if you subscribe, you'll get cap-free repeat orders, so you can reuse the plastic cap.

→ Subscribe to Floral Blend Face Scrub every three months.

→ Subscribe to Coffee & Tangerine Body Scrub every twelve weeks.

→ Check out the full range.


2. Canopy Beer Co

Get the Canopy Fridge Pack: 16 regular beers, eight specials (including the occasional cider). For some reason, the most common frequency our members like to settle on is every three weeks.

→ Subscribe to the Fridge Pack every four weeks.

→ Explore all Canopy beers.

1. Refills from Gather, Peckham

Alongside their eco-friendly, zero plastic products, you can subscribe to refillable products. There's a bottle deposit return scheme, so you'll get between 80p and £1.60 refunded each time you return an empty bottle or jar.

→ Get Fill Refill Co - Concentrated Laundry Liquid Refills, every four weeks. (You can tweak the frequency later)

→ Get Cole & Co Body Wash Refills, every six weeks. (You can tweak the frequency later)

→ See full selection.