Where can we recycle soft plastics in South-East London?

Where can we recycle soft plastics in South-East London?

Tom Szekeres

Thanks to a new initiative, the Flexible Plastic Fund, supermarkets and manufacturers have collaborated to create local recycling points for plastic wrappers, packets, film and pouches.

But we couldn't find a single place to find out the nearest soft plastics recycling point.

So we made one.

We've created a Google Map to show soft plastic recycling points in South-East London where you can drop your crisp packets, plastic bags, bubble wrap and more.

So whether you're in Dulwich, Peckham, Brixton, Catford, Bermondsey, or beyond, we've got you covered:

Of course, prevention is better than cure, so at Subship, we're championing reusable packaging wherever possible. Out of 400+ local products, we only sell one that uses soft plastic (and we support Vera to fund jobs that prevent plastic from entering the ocean).

Inspired by the milk floats of yesteryear, we now deliver cleaning products, ketchup, peanut butter, olive oil, Italian meals, and much more besides in glass bottles and jars. We collect the empties and make sure they get used again and again, with a bottle deposit scheme to incentivise us all to power the circular economy.

Good & Proper Tea and Gemini Chocolate use compostable packaging, and our other suppliers use minimal glass, aluminium, cardboard, or paper.

All part of our mission to help you buy better, supporting great local businesses who are committed to helping the wider community, and our planet.


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