The ones that nearly got away…

The ones that nearly got away…

Tom Szekeres

When you start a new venture, there's always so much to do. You're working 60 hour weeks, while trying to be a good partner, parent, not to mention business owner. But invariably stuff slips through the cracks.

So here, we're showcasing the products that should have been listed on Subship many moons ago, but somehow escaped the proverbial net.

1) Très Chocolat Granola from engrained

Admittedly this was only due to be launched last week, but we were remiss not to include this incredible blend of oats, buckwheat and omega-rich seeds, dotted with indulgent hits of dark chocolate. Delivered in a reusable glass jar fresh from the kitchen of Crofton Park-based engrained.

2) Brighten Up Face Mist from Five Dot Botanics

A hydrating fruit and flower mist that renews the complexion for brightness, balance and refreshment. Created with just five ingredients by Honor Oak-based Five Dot Botanics.

3) Jade Tips and Rooibos Teabags from Good & Proper Tea

We've stocked the loose-leaf versions of these teas since bringing Brockley-based Good & Proper Tea on board back in October. But

4) Two-Course Meal for One from Ambra's Kitchen

We've made it really easy to order pretty much every other combination of meal from East Dulwich's Ambra's Kitchen. But somehow this combo didn't make it through. A healthy, home-cooked meal for one to heat up at home.